Chimbala (-16.2752723°, 27.6789708°)

Chimbala is an agricultural village situated on the edge of the Tongan Plateau overlooking the Gwembe Valley, lying 35km from the nearest town - economic development has been stalled by a 7km disconnect from the nearest truckable bush roads.

Economic activity and opportunities present in the community are currently limited to subsistence farming activities (primarily small cattle kraals alongside maize, cassava and sorghum crop agriculture). There is a small school in the village, however, there is no locally available secondary education. The limited educational and employment opportunities offer few avenues for youths in the community.

The primary goal of our partnership with Chimbala Village is to alleviate the poverty trap paradigm afflicting the out-of-school and out-of-work youths in the community through a program of economic empowerment activities.

In preparation for the Pilot Program, The Euroza Foundation has already conducted a youth agricultural training scheme and test plot focusing on cash-crop farming of sunflower seed over the past year. Testament to the resounding success of our participant youth’s first harvest, the Village Headwoman has committed a parcel of community land to be cultivated by our young farmers.

Our Pilot Program aims to build upon this foundation through the creation of a youth-owned local sunflower cooking oil processing facility. The funding and installation of oil-extraction screw press machinery will enable youth enterprise through the local sale of cooking oils (an unserved rural market niche with no local competition). With the vision of a social enterprise that will provide employment, income, and ownership to our participants - helping to alleviate the poverty paradigm.

Our economic empowerment activities have been boosted by an exceptionally successful youth sports program, which has already developed professional talent, notably a goalkeeper for Zambia’s Division 2 - New Monze Swallows FC in its first year.