Project Stages and Community Benefits

Site Clearance and Restoration: The first phase involves clearing the overgrowth and restoring the structural integrity of the Fort, making it safe and accessible for visitors.

Enhanced Security and Accessibility: We plan to install protective fencing around the site and improve road access, ensuring that both locals and tourists can visit the site with ease.

Educational Signage and Memorials: Informative billboards and signage will be erected to educate visitors about the site's historical significance, including the stories of British soldiers and local figures like Hacheko Munamumba.

Local Involvement: The community will be deeply involved in this project, providing local employment opportunities in site maintenance, guiding, and potentially a social enterprise offering hospitality services catering to tourists.

The restoration of Fort Monze is more than just a conservation effort; it's a step towards reinvigorating a community. By intertwining historical preservation with economic development, we aim to create a self-sustaining model where the past and present coalesce, offering a brighter future for the youth and the entire community of Fort Monze.

Nestled near the historic Fort Monze, just 12km from Monze Town, lies a vibrant community deeply engaged in agriculture. Predominantly a maize-growing area, this community is not only vital for its agricultural output but is also rich in cultural and historical significance due to its proximity to a key national heritage site.

Recognizing the limited opportunities for its youth, the Euroza Foundation has established a Youth Sports Club in the village, featuring football teams for both boys and girls. This initiative aims not only to engage the youth in physical activity but also to foster teamwork, discipline, and a sense of community.

At the heart of our efforts is the regeneration of the Fort Monze National Heritage Site. Currently in a state of disrepair and overrun by vegetation, the site represents a forgotten chapter of Zambia's rich history.

We have partnered with the National Heritage Conservation Commission to clear and improve this site, with the goal of transforming it into a tourist attraction that honors the past while providing new opportunities for the community.

The revitalization of Fort Monze is expected to open doors to numerous opportunities for youth-led social enterprises. The influx of tourism could provide the community with new avenues for economic growth, ranging from hospitality services to cultural tours - alongside the opportunity to launch a youth-led social enterprise.