MAKONKA (-16.27093°, 27.15039°)

Makonka Village, the most remote of our pilot project locations, lies 50km away from the nearest urban settlement. This isolation, exacerbated by the poor condition of seasonally-accessible bush roads, has significantly hampered economic and social development. Despite these challenges, the village's spirit remains unbroken, and its potential untapped.

The village's educational infrastructure is strained, with a small school struggling to accommodate the needs of a growing young population. Many youths find themselves outside the education system due to limited resources and capacity. Healthcare is another pressing concern. The local health center, an ambitious community project, remains incomplete after a decade, lacking essential facilities and infrastructure.

Understanding these critical needs, The Euroza Foundation is dedicated to completing the rural health clinic. Our plans include the installation of plumbing and electricity in the main clinician building, construction of additional facilities like a maternity unit, mother shelter, staff housing, proper sanitation facilities, and a waste incinerator. We aim to equip the clinic with essential medical equipment and a 4x4 ambulance, striving to provide accessible healthcare to over 15,000 villagers.

Makonka's proximity to a significant reservoir presents a remarkable opportunity for agricultural development. Currently, the use of this water resource is limited due to logistical challenges. Our initiative involves the installation of a solar-powered water pump, a game-changer that will enable effective irrigation over large areas of arable land through a gravity-fed system. This system is set to revolutionize agriculture in Makonka, particularly benefiting the out-of-school youths who have been granted access to this land by the village headmen.

Our approach goes beyond mere infrastructure development. We are committed to providing comprehensive training in advanced agricultural practices, focusing on permaculture systems, the production of natural fertilizers, organic pest control, and soil regeneration. These training programs aim to equip the youth with the skills necessary for sustainable and profitable farming.

In a collaborative effort with the Zambian Forestry Department, we have initiated beekeeping projects, adding a valuable dimension to the village's agricultural activities. These projects not only provide a source of income but also play a crucial role in environmental conservation and pollination.

Our ultimate goal is to transform Makonka into a self-sufficient, economically vibrant community. The seed-funding of a youth-led agricultural enterprise is a significant step towards this goal. We envisage a future where the young farmers of Makonka are not just self-reliant but also key contributors to the region's agricultural economy.

In Makonka, every challenge is seen as an opportunity for growth and innovation. With the support of our partners and the resilience of the Makonka community, we are on a path to creating lasting change and prosperity.