Njola (-16.26191°, 27.70744°)

Nestled in the eastern part of Monze District, Njola Village stands at a crucial juncture, serving as a hub for several neighboring communities. Despite its central location, the village faces the challenge of a 26km distance from the nearest town, a barrier that particularly affects access to secondary education for its youthful population.

Recognizing the strategic importance of Njola’s location, Euroza's economic empowerment program is focused on transforming this crossroads village into a thriving center for Youth Social Enterprise. The village currently functions as a local maize store for nearby agricultural settlements, but its full potential is yet to be unleashed.

Our pilot program is set to establish a youth-owned and operated maize hammermill facility. This project aims to revolutionize the way maize is processed in the village. By milling maize locally into mealie meal, a staple for making n'shima, we envisage a future where the village not only meets its own food needs but also adds value to its produce. This initiative is about more than just milling; it’s about retaining and enhancing value within the community, directly benefiting both the youth and surrounding agricultural settlements.

In our ongoing dialogue with the community, the need for a reliable water source has emerged as a priority. To address this, we plan to install a bore-hole, ensuring clean and consistent water access for all. This effort complements the expansion of our Njola Youth Sports Programs, further nurturing the physical and social well-being of our youth.

Njola is also a center for innovation in agriculture. Here, we are piloting the production of natural organic fertilizer, Zambian Bokashi. This initiative, in collaboration with trainers from the Welsh NGO Friends of Monze, not only enhances agricultural productivity but also empowers our project participants with sustainable farming practices.

Ongoing youth bee-keeping projects in collaboration with the Zambian Forestry Department, Njola Village is at the cusp of a significant transformation. Through these initiatives, we aim to unlock the latent potential of this strategically located village, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and sustainability. Join us as we work together with the vibrant community of Njola to create a brighter, more prosperous future.